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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 17, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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villages. i look forward to meeting you on the trail. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington, i am shannon bream. ♪ >> our policies have turbocharged our economy. we must implement an immigration system that will allow our citizens for generations to come. heather: is friday. you made it through the week, may 17th. "fox and friends first," happening right now at 4:00 am on the east coast donald trump unveiling his merit-based immigration overhaul. what is in it and is not? and enough to whenever democrats? we are live to break it down for you. classroom controversy, the sat introducing the adversity score
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based on the home life and environment. or does it punish hard workers. >> how long as the drop? >> 140 feet. >> that is unnerving. >> the longest pedestrian bridge in north america opens today. a sky i to work, taking us along for the ride. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ heather: people walking up at 4:00 am on the east coast to get
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the day started. live from new york city, you are watching "fox and friends first," thank you as always for starting the day with us. donald trump unveiling his merit-based immigration overhaul, democrats calling it dead on arrival. griff jenkins joins us in washington dc. the president vowed to get his plan past. >> reporter: happy friday. this is significant. for the first time in decades donald trump is attending an overhaul of the legal immigration system shifting it from a family-based one to a merit-based one. >> my plan expedites relief for legitimate asylum-seekers by scooping out meritless claims. if you have a proper claim, you will quickly be admitted. if you don't, you will promptly be returned home.
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>> reporter: 12% of green cards are rewarded based on employment, 66 based on family ties. this flips that increasing merit to 57% and reducing family to 33%. and security measures as well with physical barriers like technology and manpower. it does not address the aca. and that is why nancy pelosi is blocking it, in a statement, saying it is dead on arrival and is not remotely serious proposal is lindsey graham unveiled his own legislation advising the president to find a way to work with democrats. >> it is so poisoned they don't want to give him a win on anything. if they want to work with him he has to show willingness to work with them. >> reporter: the president says we may do it after the election. >> and if for some reason
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possibly political we can't get democrats to approve this merit-based, high security plan we will get it approved immediately after the election when we take back the house, keep the senate and of course hold the presidency. >> reporter: we will talk about it on the 2020 campaign trail after lawsuits on presidents funding from the government defense and treasury to build more wall. heather: couldn't be political, never. as the president rolled out this proposal democrats are changing their tune about the situation on the border. nancy pelosi says her party always acknowledged the crisis. >> let me just say this. we have never not said -- there was a humanitarian crisis at the
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border and some of it provoked by the actions taken by the administration. heather: months ago the democrats land the emergency declaration as a manufactured crisis. >> this president used the backdrop of the oval office to manufacture a crisis. >> stop manufacturing a crisis. >> crisis on the border is a manufactured crisis. >> manufactured crisis. >> so-called crisis at the border, a crisis of his own making, a campaign pledge. heather: they apprehended 900,000 migrants at the border, the second month in a row the number topped 100,000. in the meantime and illegal immigrants is charged with
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killing 12 elderly women, a former caregiver was charged with murdering and 81-year-old woman in texas last year. her death led police review hundreds of cases of elderly women who died unattended. police found 11 victims, they believe she suffocated and robbed. the kenyan man is being held on $9 million bond. teenagers with suspected ties to ms 13 are charged with murder after girl's bodies found in the creek. police believe the 14-year-old girl was beaten to death with a baseball bat and a machete and thrown into the water and maryland. investigators say the suspect fought she was about to do that without a robbery. two our members of the ms 13 gained. one suspect still on the run. the woman accused of trying to kidnap a child at mcdonald's is behind bars. a shocking video shows her grabbing the little boy and
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walking out of the restaurant in los angeles. police say the suspect may be connected to another suspected kidnapping this week. stopped her from taking the children both incidents. no one was injured. can you imagine? also developing this morning, us tensions with iran intensifying as donald trump hopes to steer clear from the military conflict. >> go to war with iran? >> i hope not. >> reporter: this comes as the uss abraham lincoln moves into position near iran. the aircraft carrier holding hundreds of missiles ready to launch. congressional leaders received a classified briefing on iran after complaints of being kept out of the loop. the full house and senate will be briefed next week. joe biden in the race for the 2020 nomination. the former vice president
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jumping ahead of bernie sanders by 18 percentage points according to a new poll. another poll revealing democratic voters highest priority is choosing a candidate they think can beat donald trump. joe biden supporting the best in a hypothetical 2020 matchup leading the president by 11 points. the president's reelection number holding steady at 38%. new york city mayor bill diblasio hoping to stand biden's success heading to the battleground state of iowa before traveling to south carolina. the democratic candidate announced he is treating barbs with donald trump. >> i will give donald trump another nickname, con don, he condos on thinking he's on the side of working people when he's really on the side of the 1%. >> if you like crime you can vote for him but most people are not on board with that.
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i wish him luck. it would be better if you get back to new york city and do your job in the little time you have left. heather: donald trump is not bill diblasio's only critic. >> a good career move for him right now? know. >> his administration is corrupt, inept, doesn't have majority support among democrats in new york city after having been mayor for 6 years. it is almost farcical that he is doing this. heather: he is the 23rd democrat to announce his candidacy for president. with the democratic field swelling to one of the largest in history, mark stein says the list of candidates running showing winning is not a requirement to make it onto the democratic stage. >> america is going to end up like a groundhog if we survive
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to see a bill diblasio inauguration on january 20, 2021. by the second week in february we are going to be like that groundhog. beto is presidential material because he lost to ted cruz. bill diblasio is presidential material because he wrecked new york. stacy abrams is everybody's preferred running mate because she lost by 50,000 votes in georgia and is going around pretending she hasn't. failure is a critical ingredient for getting a democrat primary. >> he dropped, died. the first democratic primary debate is set for late june. we will have more on that. 10 minutes after the top of the hour, the president rolling out a sweeping immigration plan. >> america's last major overhaul of our legal admissions policy was 54 years ago.
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merit system and a heart system is long overdue. >> a border patrol agent says we've lost control of the border but the president's plan will help us take it back. 's live to explain. a beloved school lunch lady fired for giving a free lunch to a child in need. does the punishment fit the crime? stay with us.
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>> if you want to become an american citizen, it will be clear exactly what standard we ask you to achieve. americans can have complete and total confidence that under this plan, borders will be finally and totally secured.
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>> a sweeping immigration plan circled around the merit-based system. here to break down what is in it, national border patrol council's sector gaza. thank you for joining us. let's take a look at what is in the president's new immigration plan. a change in admission focus and emphasis on merit and skill that would limit those who can be sponsored but no change in the immigration rate. there is money for a physical barrier and technology to upgrade ports of entry. what is the most important element? >> this plan touches on illegal immigration. one of the big changes. like donald trump mentioned we've not seen immigration reform in a long time. members of congress have not acted on that issue but an
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important piece of legislation would be border security, to take care of the immediate border crisis we have now and we lost control of the border because of the crisis. more agents are doing other duties. touching on the border wall and 33 different areas and ports of entry, those are great points but working hand in hand with legislation introduced by lindsey graham and that is a great solution to solve a serious crisis on the border. heather: what about the elements on the plane? it mentions no changes in terms of immigrants brought to the us illegally as minors or dreamers, the governor addressed immigrants who received temporary status to live in the us because of natural disasters like earthquakes or things like that. what do you think of the things that are not included? >> donald trump talked about the
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dreamers. he is a very passionate person, those are things that are missing at this time but democrats need to come to the negotiating table and deal with donald trump and negotiate on those items they want. lindsey graham mentioned it perfectly and said talk to me and find a solution. and members of congress to not act anymore. we cannot ignore the problem on the border and this is something we need to work on and if democrats don't agree with the plan come to the table, talk to donald trump and other members of congress but let's get a solution done. let's stop worrying about the election and worry about our country. heather: 6 years ago every democrat voting in favor of merit-based immigration in the
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senate but now just because it is coming from this administration it is a no go from the very start. you were talking about border agents earlier spending less time patrolling the border. less than 50% of their time you spend patrolling the border. whatever resources are needed? >> agents are spending more than 50% on other administrative tasks. transporting children and family units, i would say that is more on the 75%. we know dhs's secretary leveraging assets throughout dhs and now we are seeing tsa agents going to the border to help out. relocated some see if beef -- them offices open with border patrol duties but we need more resources and address this crisis and we need immigration
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reform, we need to change the magnet drawing these people into this country. we need to stop discouraging illegal immigration plane and civil. heather: congress needs to get some work done on it. we appreciate it. the time is 19 minutes after the top of the are. kirsten gillibrand has a new campaign promise. >> i will make it clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that women in this country have a guaranteed right to abortion. heather: social media lighting up over this one. carly shimkus has reaction up next. ♪ - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged
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heather: kirsten gillibrand making this promise on abortion rights if she is elected president. >> as president, i will codify roe v wade. i will make it clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that women in this country have a guaranteed right to an abortion. heather: can she do that? carly shimkus with serious xm 115 is here with the swift online reaction to that. >> not just kirsten gillibrand but other presidential candidates are leading the charge vowing to fight for a woman's right to have an abortion, elizabeth warren calls and a woman's constitutional right. kamala harris tweeted she raised $160,000 in one day alone to go to women's rights organizations.
1:24 am
this topic of conversation is front and center on social media. lynn has a message for pro-choice people think can't imagine explaining this statement before god. scott speaking directly to kirsten gillibrand talking about the legality of what she is saying, you have no control over this and you know this. the abortion laws are written at the state level and challenged in the court. i thought you went to law school or at least took a civics class. michelle supports democrats pro-choice position saying thank you for doing what is right. not surprising but appreciated. a smattering of reaction. >> democrats just throwing things out that they know because she knows legally she can't do what she is saying. >> all because of the alabama abortion law that some republicans say is too strict including kevin mccarthy who says he does not support the fact that it doesn't make an exception for rape or incest.
1:25 am
heather: nypd blasting bill diblasio's 2020 did. >> bill diblasio does not have the back of the police union, the police union despises him. a couple times they turned their back to him when he is speaking at funerals because they feel like he has incited violence against the men listen to this statement from the police benevolent association think it is laughable the mayor who showed no interest in running new york city for six years now says he wants to mismanage the entire country as commander-in-chief. he would be an unmitigated disaster. social media reaction to this, he can't even fix new york city. linda saying i have no respect for diblasio, he never supported the nypd. 76% of voters in new york believe bill diblasio running
1:26 am
for president is a bad idea. heather: some new yorkers said it would get him out of new york. >> that is not what he is looking for. heather: i am surprised he followed through on it. hershey's chocolate changing their logo. >> a little chocolate on friday. for the first time in 120 years hershey's changing the look of their chocolate bar, they added emoji's to the individual squares and emily just explained to us it is because you can have a conversation with your chocolate bar. isn't that great? heather: i don't know about having a conversation with your chocolate bar but that is okay. >> it is adorable. this will be available over the summer for a limited time in the
1:27 am
emoji's, 25 different popular emoji's on each individual square. heather: 25 different ones. >> this is for a limited time. a historic change. heather: what was on the before? >> the word hershey. heather: we are eating too fast to know. it is so good. thank you so much. have a great friday. the time is half past the top of the hour. 2020 dems, all 23 of them love to slam donald trump's policy but what would they do differently? democrat and republican debate it up next. ♪ america ♪ take out america ♪ home of the free ♪
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heather: a look at top headlines, donald trump unveiling of merit-based immigration overhaul. under the proposal us would offer more visas to highly skilled immigrants and calls for physical barriers at the southern border. the uss abraham lincoln is in position dear iran two weeks early. the aircraft carrier holding hundreds of missiles, and hitting the campaign trail, heading to iowa before traveling to south carolina this weekend. the 23rd democrat to announce his presidency. forget the math, the english, your neighborhood's prime rate could be calculated in your child's sat results.
1:32 am
aishah hasnie joins us with how the numbers will be crunched. >> a big debate brewing called the adversity score, calculated based on 15 factors that include a student's neighborhood, family environment and even what high school they go to. students won't even know whether score is but colleges they are applying to will. 150 schools this fall. it will be judged on a scale of 100. anything above the average means the more disadvantages the student is facing is why in the world is the college doing this? david coleman who is the brains behind common core standards, this is going to level the playing field, telling the wall street journal there are a number of amazing students who may have scored less on the sat,
1:33 am
can't sit on our hands and ignore the disparities of wealth reflected in the sat. on the heels of college admission scandal with laurie locklin and felicity huffman. not everyone is buying this privileged equal admission argument. >> we see every year in new york city that asian kids from poor immigrant backgrounds -- regardless of their income levels -- because their families, their parents are so focused on their students academic involvement. that is what is necessary to close the achievement gap. >> bringing up a lot of scenarios over who this is going to hurt and who it is going to help. heather: how do you know what is
1:34 am
going on in any neighborhood? we were talking about how did someone get to that if they are in a wealthy neighborhood. >> here's another big problem. how do you know this rich kid's family wasn't for the entire life after busting their homes for 20 years and he gets penalized, a poor kid his family was rich and got into some crime business and lost money a week ago, he gets in adversity score over the kid his family just made it after a decade? my wife is an immigrant to this country. i busted my hump for 20 years to get my daughter into a good school who is now going to be penalized? this is the dumbest idea i ever heard. they should be ashamed of themselves for even proposing it. heather: a lot of people had comments on it. we asked your thoughts on the adversity score and they are pouring it on social media.
1:35 am
on instagram, participation trophies for everyone and nick, why not eliminate tests altogether and have everybody a college diploma. it would save a lot of time. william writing on facebook, you get into college by merit. heather: let us know what you think of this. 2020 democrats slamming donald trump's foreign policy. >> china is going to eat our lunch? i don't like using the word threat. we have to spend millions more. >> the president and his team are spoiling for war with iran. we cannot let that happen. >> tensions being ratcheted up in this conflict, being pushed closer. heather: many candidates have yet to focus on any major foreign-policy issues. here to debate it is kevin
1:36 am
walling thank you for joining us, appreciate it. i will start with you. what about it? >> i mean, what do we have to talk about? the president has done a great job? made many accomplishments and there's nothing to run on. joe biden has a history of losing elections. what are we going to do? heather: what do you think? we haven't heard a lot in terms of foreign policy issues being discussed by democratic candidates so far. >> our candidates on our side are focusing on domestic issues because we know that is what americans are focused on, healthcare or transportation, bipartisan infrastructure bill being discussed or rising wages and jobs but as the process plays out for the debates in june as you mentioned earlier
1:37 am
you are going to see folks on our side advocating a clear foreign-policy agenda that strikes at the heart of what the president is trying to do. heather: very early on in the game we had joe biden in the lead. as a veteran yourself you look at the situation in iran and iraq, that is a road biden doesn't want to go down because it would bring up questions on his vote in the iraq war. >> i respect joe biden. i met him many times. he lost so many elections. he's been part of the consistent democrat vote on those issues. what does joe biden bring to the table? nothing. it has been ineffective and there is no issue. the democrat foreign-policy has been a total disaster. it has been terrible. to my colleagues, what is it? heather: biden's comments about china.
1:38 am
>> i'm happy to defend joe biden against donald trump. he says don't compare me to -- he looked at the chair of the foreign relations committee eight years as vice president under barack obama very successfully, winding down wars in iraq and afghanistan, projecting power around the world. destroying our economy in the process, getting ourselves involved in another backward war in iran. when his staff are leading the fight to get involved in iran, even when the president wents to pull back the reins. talk about meeting from behind. i'm happy to have a debate with donald trump. heather: a lot of folks disagree in terms of the economy. folks are very happy about the economy under donald trump. >> happy to keep talking about it. heather: thank you so much for joining us.
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heather: a military jet slams into a warehouse in california. look at this. was trying to land at a nearby air reserve base. dashcam video capturing the if 16 plane dropping from the sky after experiencing technical issues. the pilot safely ejecting from the aircraft.
1:43 am
the crash leaving a massive hole in the roof forcing the building's sprinkler system to activate. the plane buried in twisted metal and cardboard boxes, 12 people on the ground including the pilot were treated for minor injuries. boeing completes a software fix they save for 737 max plane but don't expect a fly on the jets anytime soon. the of the focus is on an automated system believed to have contributed to two deadly crashes overseas that left 346 people dead. the faa grounded the max jet in the wake of the crashes. could take months for the agency to retest and certify the plane with the new software fix. majority of voters believe it is likely intelligence agencies broke the law to investigate donald trump. the latest fox news polls is 58% of voters think this was extremely, very, and somewhat likely. an exclusive interview william
1:44 am
barr share his concerns with bill hammer surrounding the russia probe. >> some of the explanations of what occurred. >> why does that matter? >> because people have to find out what the government was doing during that period. if we are worried about foreign influence, for the same reason we should be worried whether government officials abuse their power and put their thumb on the scale. shannon: he does not know for certain plans to investigate the investigators. that will interview you don't want to miss, it where at 9:00 am eastern this morning. a warning from walmart, new tariffs against chinese imports will increase prices on popular product. tracy carrasco from foxbusiness here with what this could mean for your wallet. >> walmart warned the terrified imports from china will mean you could be paying more when you go
1:45 am
shopping at walmart. comments coming yesterday after walmart reported its first-quarter earnings and best sales performance at stores for the first quarter and 9 years. some positive news mixed with some negative news but walmart's chief financial officer said the company is monitoring the trade discussion hopeful agreement can be reached. walmart didn't comment on which product would cost more or how much consumers can be paying more but you see retailers largely avoiding being affected by these tariffs but with donald trump's most recent threat on all chinese imports this could affect a lot of retailers and others as well. heather: let's talk about this. taco bell. we all love it but not sure i would love the hotel and resort they are opening. what in the world? >> it sounds very strange. this is a limited time opening
1:46 am
of a taco bell hotel and resort called bell in palm springs, california. reservations will be open in june. the hotel when we open for 5 days checking in on august 9th and there are some exclusive taco bell offerings at this hotel, themed apparel, on-site salon with taco bell inspired nail art and hair designs, special menu items as well. if you love taco bell this might be an experience for you. heather: taco bell nail art? we have to investigate what that is. >> i volunteer. heather: if you are afraid of heights, don't look down. the tennessee bridge is a recordbreaker, 2000 feet above the ground and 700 feet long. >> the longest in north america. >> how does it feel to be in the record?
1:47 am
>> we love this and we know it will be here forever. heather: the glass bottom will blow your mind and todd pyro is taking us on a tight wire walk next. ♪ - my family and i did a fundraiser walk in honor of my dad,
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heather: the longest pedestrian bridge in north america and it is opening today. look at that. the tennessee sky bridge offers an amazing view but good grief. it has a more incredible story. todd pyro takes us on an inside look or way up high look. i can't imagine.
1:51 am
>> reporter: a few short years ago 2600 structures were destroyed when wildfires swept through the area and 14 people died but out of tragedy rebirth with one heckuva view. >> it is a view of the park. ♪ ♪ >> the sky left is the oldest attraction here. >> you have a plan for the bridge but the wildfires happen. >> the top of our attraction burned down. you don't expect that to happen but the good thing is we are ready to put it behind us and move forward.
1:52 am
this bridge is so big, rebirth going out of the ashes is what this whole area is done. it is pretty hot. but look at the view from it. he was a good view, you've got to go to the right spot. >> you designed an excellent bridge. it strong and excellent bridge. >> you were right, pretty awesome view. >> what does it take to design a bridge like this? >> creativity and the will to get it done. it is really rewarding. the longest suspension bridge in north america. >> how does it feel to be in the record book? >> feels pretty good. >> i'm told there's more to this bridge in that part of it is see-through. i prefer my bridges to be non-see-through but you tell me
1:53 am
to save. >> 50 feet of structural glass in the middle of the bridge. it won't break and you feel like you are floating. >> i feel like indiana jones. it didn't break. that is unnerving. >> it is 140 feet to the bottom. it wouldn't work out well. what a view. you are pretty confident or you wouldn't be standing there. >> we are very confident. it will hold together. this bridge will be here forever. >> reporter: when is a bridge more than a bridge? when it serves as a bridge between a memorable past and even more exciting time.
1:54 am
i love your reaction. the bridge took 10 months to build and they used a drone to put cables between 9000 pounds over the valley to set it up. >> are you saying you wouldn't? >> the glass part would be very unnerving. when you are shooting that there were multiple people on top of the glass. >> the groove sound guys and our intrepid producer. >> if you get that far you turn around and go back or go across. >> reporter: the views are spectacular and the overall story, how awesome. >> it is good to see the revival. drop your gun, officer. you need a lasso for this one. watch. >> at least go in a straight line. heather: the hilarious officer who begged and pleaded to get
1:55 am
this cow back home.
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and friends first". we appreciate it. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first the good. a sweet birthday girl gives up the spotlight to comfort her sister. what is this? ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ in the 20 the 2-year old letting her big sister blow out the candles. the adorable video going viral. a lunch lady out of a job for giving a high school student free lunch, bobby camera so she was fired by the company that supplied the new hampshire school food and claims she's accused of theft for giving out the $8 meal. the school board will vote on whether to keep working with the company. finally the ugly. a pack of suspects to move back to their farm.
2:00 am
>> i said i had taken chick-fil-a. we are trying to get you home safe. heather: that texas police officer cracking to me jokes trying to wrangle 20 cows on the loose. no word if they ever got to chick-fil-a. that rub steps this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now. >> we never not said -- there is a humanitarian crisis at the border. >> a manufactured crisis. >> manufacturing a crisis, some of it provoked by actions taken by the administration. >> reporter: nancy pelosi can't remember the border crisis but she can say for sure the president's plan to deal with it is dead on arrival. rob: remember last time they


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